Ulterior Motives to Teaching

Ulterior Motives – from World Wide Wonderings

Why did you become a teacher?  I don’t hear this question as much as I used to when I was a student teacher.

This blogger, Abby, talks about her ulterior motives of becoming a teacher.  It’s not for the long summers or “supposedly” shorter working hours.  She just thought it would be the best way to change the world.  What other reason is there to be teaching?  It just made me smile.

Why did I become a teacher?

Here are a few reasons why I thought I should become a teacher:

  • I like being with children.  I like that they say funny things that wouldn’t be funny when an adult said it.  I like that they are so uninhibited and so expressive…they are so many things that I adults are not.
  • I thought I could do it.  I chose teaching because I thought I could do it.  What arrogance, right?  I’m still working on being that teacher that I thought I could be.  I hope I never stop working on it.
  • I would get to be in a position where I can really influence someone…and if I got it right, I had the power to influence the entire course of someone’s life…talk about high stakes…
  • My plan always was this, that whatever profession I chose to be in, I would teach.  If I had chosen to be a nurse (another profession, I was considering actually), I would’ve wanted to teach other nurses later in my career.  And that would be the same, whether I became a pilot, a journalist, a painter etc.  I’ve always thought that it is the best way to give back what I’ve received.

People always talk about not becoming complacent….that we should remember the ‘first love.’

Today I thought I’d remember mine.  🙂  And also wish Abby, good luck!


4 thoughts on “Ulterior Motives to Teaching

  1. They are ever so funny! I wonder if I amused my teachers when I was a kid…likely not ; )
    You got it right there though… yay to teaching.

  2. Thanks for the words of support Sarah! I love to hear the passion in the voices of teachers who have been in the field so long!

    • sure! and i love hearing the passion in people who are starting out this fantastic journey of teaching. i’m sure you’ll keep us posted of your teaching adventures? 🙂 God bless!


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