Reblog: Letter to a New Teacher

I must share this post with you:  Letter to a New Teacher by Dan Meyer.  I’m no new teacher anymore. I guess I’m now in the experienced teacher category (no excuse!).  But, I still struggle with the issues talked about in this letter.  I want my kids to be excited to come to my class.  I want to try new ideas and make math fun.  And many times I am at a loss.  This is more true when I start at a new school.  I’ve moved around a lot and it has given me so much valuable experience that I will never trade for, but it is also exhausting to have to learn new curriculum and new ways of doing things every few years.  I hope that I get to stay at my current school for long because I already love it here.

Happy-end-of-first-week-of-school, everyone!  😉



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