One of many portraits of me by a student


What’s a blog without an introductory ‘about me’ page, right?  So here is me:

  • Have been an upper elementary/primary teacher for 12 years now…yikes!  Entering my 13th year of teaching (2014)
  • Trained to be a teacher in New Zealand
  • Have taught in New Zealand, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, now St. Louis
  • Taught in private, public, and international schools
  • Currently 5th/6th Grade Math Teacher + 5th Grade Bible Teacher/Homeroom at a Christian School in the lovely St. Louis
  • Loves coffee, cakes, sushi, and brunch food!
  • Classic third-culture kid – never know how to answer the question:  ‘Where are you from?’
  • Committed Christian, follower of Christ

*SPF611 – This funny tab is a collection of chapter summaries of the book Classroom Assessment for Student Learning by J. Chappuis, R. Stiggins, S. Chappuis, and J. Arter.  I did this for an assignment for one of my grad classes on student assessment.  Here’s a link to a small intro to these series.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Absolutely fascinated with your blog and the things you have achieved in you r classroom this year with with your students. Keep up the good work and someday you will have a student come up to you and say how you made a difference to their lives with your old and primitive ways ! Keep evolving, growing and learning as this footprint that you leave behind, is the one that would have touched all who come in contact with you and is the only one that we leave behind that really matters! Very proud of you ………All the Best Roshni

    • Thanks so much for visiting and the lovely comment, Roshni! 🙂 Yes, hopefully, I will have made an impact on some of the lives that I’ve come in contact with in the classroom. 🙂 Same to you!!!! I know what an amazing teacher you are! 🙂 Thinking of you makes me miss PVS. 😥


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