The End?

After nearly 14 years of teaching, I am leaving my career in elementary teaching.  Yesterday was my last day with my students.  I have to say, it did not feel as monumental as I thought it would be.  I left my classroom yesterday with the same feeling that I get at the end of every school year…a wipe off my forehead and a huge sigh of ‘Finally, it’s summer!’  May be it’ll sink in more at the beginning of next year.  Or may be I will not think about it that very much…I may even rejoice at the fact that I do not have to set my alarm at 5am in the morning.  I have taught in four different cities in three different countries.  I have taught in 7 different schools both private and public.  Despite the years of experience, I still leave with a feeling of…did I know what I was doing?

I remember in my first year of teaching, I had a weekly substitute teacher who was a retired principal.  He told me that he felt like he knew what he was doing after ten years of teaching.  I didn’t like hearing that.  But, that didn’t happen to me though.  I always felt like I could do better.  Is this the perfectionism in me or the teacher in me?

I am embarking on a new journey.  I may still be tutoring here and there and may be able to update this blog from a different angle regarding education.  But.  I do wanna say that I’m grateful to God for the last 14 years.  Teaching opened doors to so many other gifts for me.  I will remember some of the students forever.  I will carry in my heart the stories I collected.  I don’t know if my classroom will miss me.  But, I think I will miss it time to time.

It’s not the end.  But it is the end…for now.  🙂


What’s on your wall?

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I just spent the last few days shopping for my classroom and putting stuff up to cover all the bare walls and bulletin boards.  I went a little crazy with the quote posters.  I love them.  And they had a three for the price of two deal and how could I pass that up?!?  So I went for it.  I think the quotes you put up kinda gives the students a glimpse of what you consider important.  I remember my math teacher in high school had this quote on the wall – “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.”  I’ve seen this floating around on pinterest and facebook, but this quote was almost engraved in me already way back in high school.  I remember pondering over it thinking it was such a true quote.  I think I copied the quote down onto my notebook.

When I was shopping for quotes, I avoided quotes like – Attitude is contagious, is yours worth catching?  or Today is another great day!  or Don’t give up!  May be I may change my mind about these quotes in the future…. but the truth is, sometimes I want to be left alone having a bad attitude and sometimes I have gray days and I need those…and many times I need a break from trying so hard before trying again.  I don’t want a poster yelling at me to keep trying….and I know there are students like me…so those quotes did not get spots on my wall.

Lastly, I was so amused today that I had to share this.  Below is something I have not done in a looooong time – handwriting a welcome sign.  Our new projectors are not connected yet so for tomorrow’s ‘Meet & Greet,’ I created the below poster.  This is a re-do as my first poster had a mistake.  And I had to start all over again – I couldn’t possible have a ‘scribble’ on my welcome poster, could I?!  There are no ‘delete’ buttons in life.  Another great quote.


I’m A Math Teacher!

After a long break I am back to being a teacher.  (Yay!!!)  I’ve been hired as the 5th and 6th Grade Math teacher at a fabulous private Christian school.  I find this quite amusing as Math was never a subject I thought I’d choose to teach.  Generally, kids either like math or they don’t.  I did always think Math was an easier subject to teach because it is very clear cut compared to something like grading an essay.  But, I’ve started reading blogs of Middle School Math teachers and am starting to actually get excited about teaching this subject.  I love that I’ll be able to focus on one subject instead of eight.

We’ve had three weeks of various meetings and trainings (this is how new teachers get punished..? with the extra trainings and meetings…), and finally, this coming week, we will be receiving our babies for the new school year.  And finally…I get to blog about classroom teaching again!  😀



Paper Blogs: A Lesson in Commenting on Student Blogs

What a unique idea. Must try this.

Pernille Ripp





We have been hard at work on our paper blog as we prepare to unveil the actual blog experience this Friday.  One of the essential things I do (and tweak) every year is the using paper blogs to get my 5th graders to think about how to comment, and more specifically how to start a conversation with their comments.  While the idea is not mine, I borrowed it from McTeach, it has developed over the years into something I love doing and find essential as we prepare to blog and converse with the world.

The whole idea is very simple.

Creating the blogs:

  • Show students samples of previous years’ paper blogs to give them a visual of what to expect.  I accidentally kept one class set a year so I have a great variety of blogs that I lay out on tables so they can see and…

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