The Peanut Butter Classroom

The Peanut Butter Classroom

I was talking to my co-worker today and explaining to him that I have 8 blogs spread across three different blogging platforms and that I should be diagnosed with blogging ADD.  😦  Yes, I accept this title fully.  But, I am back here blogging and I want to introduce ‘another’ blog.  This one is for an online course that I’m doing.  The course is called COETAIL and it is basically taking the students through different aspects of Technology in Education.  I love that the course covers all areas of educational concerns regarding Tech in Ed, and that the attendants are international teachers all over the world.  Love that!

It is part of coursework to update my blog, at least once a week, so this blog will definitely be kept up-to-date, at least until the end of the course.  😛  Hope you enjoy!  And hope you’re having an awesome start to the new academic year.