What’s on your wall?

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I just spent the last few days shopping for my classroom and putting stuff up to cover all the bare walls and bulletin boards.  I went a little crazy with the quote posters.  I love them.  And they had a three for the price of two deal and how could I pass that up?!?  So I went for it.  I think the quotes you put up kinda gives the students a glimpse of what you consider important.  I remember my math teacher in high school had this quote on the wall – “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.”  I’ve seen this floating around on pinterest and facebook, but this quote was almost engraved in me already way back in high school.  I remember pondering over it thinking it was such a true quote.  I think I copied the quote down onto my notebook.

When I was shopping for quotes, I avoided quotes like – Attitude is contagious, is yours worth catching?  or Today is another great day!  or Don’t give up!  May be I may change my mind about these quotes in the future…. but the truth is, sometimes I want to be left alone having a bad attitude and sometimes I have gray days and I need those…and many times I need a break from trying so hard before trying again.  I don’t want a poster yelling at me to keep trying….and I know there are students like me…so those quotes did not get spots on my wall.

Lastly, I was so amused today that I had to share this.  Below is something I have not done in a looooong time – handwriting a welcome sign.  Our new projectors are not connected yet so for tomorrow’s ‘Meet & Greet,’ I created the below poster.  This is a re-do as my first poster had a mistake.  And I had to start all over again – I couldn’t possible have a ‘scribble’ on my welcome poster, could I?!  There are no ‘delete’ buttons in life.  Another great quote.