Guppies in the Classroom!

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We have guppies in the classroom.  I wish I could say this was my brilliant idea but it is an experiment that my current fourth grade team has incorporated into the ecosystem unit and I think it’s brilliant.  And so easy, too!

We started the unit off with a bit of a knowledge bomb with the kids learning about ecosystems, habitat and biomes.  Then we learned  some facts about the guppies (I had some kids research the facts themselves) and then made a hypothesis of whether the guppies will survive the habitat we have created and if the ecosystem will be able to sustain itself – so no feeding guppies or changing of the water!  The little glitch is that the kids did not get to create the habitat but the science lab technicians (who actually came over from the secondary side to help us prepare everything!  Thank you!) sort of had everything ready for us – which means the technicians determined what would go in the plastic aquarium and the kids just did what they were told.  I think if I do this experiment again (I definitely will!), I’ll probably have the students create the habitat themselves – it’ll be a great opportunity for them to use their knowledge about ecosystems and guppies to create the best habitat for the little fishies…

The kids’ hypothesis were great.  They really used their knowledge about guppies and made quite logical hypothesis.  There were some quite cute ones, too.  One student said that they will last at least a week because the guppies (each group had two guppies – one girl, one boy) seemed to have a good relationship.  Another student said that the guppies will definitely have babies because ‘it is their will’ to do that….?!??? haha~

FYReference – we also had a little snail in each aquarium as part of the ecosystem…:)