Visible Learning by John Hattie

Isn’t summer great?  Waking up every morning and being able to live out your own agenda.  Yay, summer!  🙂

I actually have a long list of books I want to conquer this summer.  I also have a long list of movies I want to watch and they’re in constant battle.  One of the books is “Visible Learning” by John Hattie.  I’d heard about this book a few years back when Tony Ryan came to my school.  I put a tab on that book but forgot about it until last year, Tony Ryan introduced this book again at our PD session and I just ordered one from Amazon.  I actually ordered “Visible Learning for Teachers” which is sort of a follow up book and had to order the original again.

I’m only a few pages in and already I am overloaded with a lot of information.  Actually, it’s more of a response overload – so much of what Hattie says in the book elicits a response (not necessarily a negative or a positive one).  Hopefully, I’ll be able to write some of my responses on my blog.

The above clip touches on what he talks about in the book (apparently….as I haven’t read the book yet) and it is truly an intriguing talk and I encourage you to take 15 minutes of your time and watch it.  I think it’ll also make you want to pick up this book.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summer.  🙂