I’m A Math Teacher!

After a long break I am back to being a teacher.  (Yay!!!)  I’ve been hired as the 5th and 6th Grade Math teacher at a fabulous private Christian school.  I find this quite amusing as Math was never a subject I thought I’d choose to teach.  Generally, kids either like math or they don’t.  I did always think Math was an easier subject to teach because it is very clear cut compared to something like grading an essay.  But, I’ve started reading blogs of Middle School Math teachers and am starting to actually get excited about teaching this subject.  I love that I’ll be able to focus on one subject instead of eight.

We’ve had three weeks of various meetings and trainings (this is how new teachers get punished..? with the extra trainings and meetings…), and finally, this coming week, we will be receiving our babies for the new school year.  And finally…I get to blog about classroom teaching again!  😀